Feeling a Language

I was very pleased to have recently discovered Kerstin’s Creative Language Learning podcast. Kerstin is founder of fluentlanguage.co.uk. She teaches people German and English, whilst also being something of a polyglot herself!

In the fifth episode of the podcast, Kerstin interviews André Klein. André runs learnoutlive.com, where he produces immersive language stories to make language learning more natural and fun.

During the podcast, André and Kerstin both talk about the importance of having a sense of a language while you’re learning. Interestingly, Kerstin recalls a conversation with a lady who describes how being in the native country of a language allows you to feel the language.

It occurred to me that this idea of feeling a language explains really well what I’m trying to achieve with Yakk.

Instead of a disconnected, grammar/vocab approach of learning a language by memorising words, phrases and parts of speech, having a place you can go to have real conversations gives you back that real sense of the language.

With the entire learning experience being based on holding progressive conversations, you’re feeling the language all the way through – it’s real and you’re in the flow of it.

If you’re a language geek, definitely check out Kerstin’s podcast.